From classical to modern art with the Moco museum

Art is defined in a relative way and to better captivate the attention of its many visitors, the Moco museum brings contrast in this field. Unlike classical museums, which immerse you in the relics of history, the Moco museum mixes contemporary art and modern art.  A great deal of interest is taken in current works and artists who regularly perform in the premises of the moco.  If you are planning a visit to a museum, Amsterdam is the place to be. You can’t go to Amsterdam without being carried away by the charm of its museums, which will take you on a journey through time and space, discovering different civilizations of the world.

Visit the Moco Museum and the many art exhibitions that will dazzle you

Considered revolutionary in the world of museums, the Moco museum stands right in the center of the Museumplein. Incredible and unusual artists are the specialty of this avant-garde and futuristic museum. Bringing out the “slightly crazy” side of the business, it embodies the artists’ dream. With colorful exhibitions, you’ll be amazed! Since its creation, the moco museum attracts more and more visitors each year, coming from all over the world.

An audioguide guides new visitors, making this labyrinth of treasures of time more accessible. In its basement, artists work hard on a daily basis, drawing from the depths of their inspiration. You will discover there drawers, painters, photographers, designers, and many others, which are their windows of this monastery of the art.

This superb place in its enchanting allure owes its splendor not only to the beauty of its exhibitions, but also to its sumptuous historical building, dating from the early 20th century.

Discovering museums

Discovering a museum Amsterdam is a journey through time, to meet our origins. This experience is unique and unparalleled and deserves to be lived for a lifetime. You find yourself immersed in an intense physiological and psychological adventure. Amsterdam, the world capital of museums, has a large number of museums in the world, thanks to its strong attachment to the history of the world. Among others this city offers:

The Van Gogh Museum, or at the Rijksmuseum, a showcase of the Amsterdam museum sphere, is certainly in a prime position to question richness of its fine arts. Visit exhibitions there like you’ve never seen before.

The Moco Museum, unique in its kind, complex, magical and mysterious, is located in the Museumkwartier (museum district). The Moco enjoys a stride of spaces dedicated to relaxation, wonder, learning, and discovery. Characterized by its singularity in this space full of history, during your stay, do not hesitate to visit the Moco.

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